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  • Live Market Analysis

    Take the guesswork out of Market Research and follow along with live analysis, news, and videos.

  • Artificial Intelligence Bot Trading

    Sit back and let AI Bot trading grow your profits!

  • Complete Trading Academy

    Gain years of knowledge with Micro Training Videos on our education platform.

  • Broadcast Trading Signals

    Copy the pro’s trades in real time with alerts sent to your phone. Algo Alerts provide trade signals and risk parameters – so you can echo high percentage trades.

  • Social Trading Platform

    Join an experienced Trading Community with access to top traders all over the world!

اليوم يمكنك البدء في الاستفادة من أسواق الفوركس والعملات المشفرة والعقود الآجلة باستخدام منصة تداول Echo. أخيرًا ، ابدأ في الاستفادة من أموالك واجعلها تعمل من أجلك. جميع الأدوات المتقدمة والتدريب والمجتمع والمزيد في انتظارك وجاهزة لك الآن. إذا كان لديك 4 ساعات في الأسبوع لتكريسها لبناء الثروة، فلدينا الرافعة لتعزيز التدفق النقدي .

It’s Time to Make Money Work For You

الرافعة التي تجعل التدفق النقدي في متناولك. نحن نقدم لك نفس أدوات بناء الثروة التي يستخدمها المتخصصون في هذا المجال. الأشخاص الذين اكتشفوا كيفية الاستفادة من البث إلى أقصى حد وبناء مصادر الدخل الخاصة بهم بينما يقضون وقتًا أطول في فعل ما يحبونه.

Complete Video Training Library

Anyone at any experience level can benefit from our extensive training video library that is designed to take you from beginner to advanced as quickly as possible. The beginner courses take you through forex, indexes and shares and learning about the most common mistakes beginners make. Intermediate, you will know how to read trends and identify common patterns. Advanced is where you will learn all the best trading strategies and more!

  • Video Training Library
  • Beginner, Intermmediate and Expert Videos
  • Guide to Cryptocurrencies
  • Platform Tutorials
  • Learn at Your Own Pace from Your Phone!
Market Research

Top traders have to be completely immersed into current and future market events 24/7. We take the hard work out of market research and provide you with daily videos, news and analysis to make informed decisions about your trades. Our daily technical analysis highlight current market trends and price movements for forex, stocks, and cryptocurrency markets. These articles all use language that is simple and easy to understand.

  • Articles - Daily technical analysis highlighting current market trends
  • News - Latest financial news including economic indicators
  • Videos - Get daily access to daily videos with expert analysis
Exclusive Trading Signals

Get the biggest trading opportunities sent directly to your phone in real time! The Echo signals utliize an advanced proprietary algorithm uses a different set of technical indicators for each asset and time frame to provide traders the best market entry opportunities. Available on your desktop or directly to your phone on Telegram.

  • Trading signals posted into Telegram
  • 5-7 key trading signals per week
  • The best entry opportunities for Forex, Crypto, stocks, and Commodities
Automated Bot Training

The tool that will give you epic returns! Bot trading uses highly advanced ai technology that handles smart trading decisions for you. Sigma AI provides you with an automated trading portfolio strategy, which is designed to detect market opportunities and execute positions faster than ever before. AI trading runs without any human interference and makes trading less stressful for experienced traders and newcomers alike.

  • Proven ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE trading strategies
  • Flexible strategies for different profiles
  • Capitalize on long or short term strategies

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Economic Trading Calendars

A best practice for advanced traders is checking economic calendars every morning to be aware of the upcoming high-impact events. Our economic calendar covers 360 events while explaining the significance, where the data comes from, and how it could potentially affect the market.

  • Capitalize on long or short term strategies
Social Trading Platform

Earn like a pro and echo the same trades! Echo uses a highly advanced broadcasting technology that handles smart trading decisions for you. FX entries, stop loss and take profit parameters are sent to your account. Echo broadcasting services provides you with a simple trading portfolio strategy, which is designed to echo and execute positions like the trading experts.

  • Proven trading strategies
  • Broadcasted trades directly to your account
  • Parameters are coordinated in your account

the echo trading platform is the all-in-one platform to grow profits from your phone!

Let’s face it, these times are more uncertain than ever. People are losing their incomes and a growing fear of what is next is causing more and more worry. With the instability of the economy, it is crucial now more than ever to be able to leverage tools that profit off from the ups and downs of the market. The Echo Trading Platform is your all-in-one solution to grow mass profits from your phone!

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This was the best thing to ever happen to me. I work a full-time job, so getting the broadcasting makes it easy. It is simple to set up and then it’s basically trading its self!

Easy to get connected.

I have been trading for years. The Echo Telegram Bot is easy to get set up and so are following the signals. They are consistently profiting. Some are small wins, but they are wins!

Crypto Bot - working its magic.

I started with $1000 in the BTC Alpha strategy and after 30 days it now has $1700.


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Mass Trading Profits From Your Phone!

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